Fromages de Cocagne


Promoting the diversity of products from south-west France
Fromages de Cocagne selects the best cheeses from small farms in south-west France to offer a generous range of cheese and dairy products that is authentic and original.

Defending artisan work and good taste
Fromages de Cocagne campaigns to preserve the artisan work and talent of hundreds of local producers, against the tide of industrialisation and standardisation of taste.


Fromages de Cocagne offers a wide range of dairy products from south-west France. The area is the only French region to offer all categories of cheese and to produce all three types of milk. The region is brimming with a wealth of products to discover.

The range selected by Fromages de Cocagne combines diversity, tradition and newness: craft cheeses, home creations and gems unearthed all year round.


146-200 Avenue des Etats Unis
Boite n°77
31200 Toulouse

(+33)5 82 99 00 30

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